Journal of Geography & Natural Disasters

Journal of Geography & Natural Disasters
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The response practices to Road accident in Tanzania

Salum Haji Hamisi

Disaster response refers to activities employed to limit the negative
effects of hazards to save people live and their property. This
study aimed at revealing the response practices commonly found
in Tanzania during the catastrophic time. The study of this kind
has insignificantly done in Tanzania. The objective of the study is
to discuss the response practice in the context of agreed international
practices and suggesting the way forward to the authority
on the best practice of handling hazard in Tanzania. The study
extensively used secondary data analysis to discuss the common
response practices to a road accident. In the discussion, it has
been revealed that response to the disaster in an uncivilized manner
mainly caused by lack of skills and knowledge, low support
from the authority, poverty and greed over wealth. In Tanzania,
response practices have been disaster than the events itself. The
victims are losing their property as stolen by the volunteer who
came to hear them. Instead of saving people’s life and their property
they just steal those properties deliberately. It has been suggested
those disaster management committees must function accordingly.